Eid Al-Fitr event [2014] English

What was this event?

We handed out sweet bags, while walking in the streets of Oslo telling people about the holy month of Ramadan.

Why did you do it?

Misunderstandings creates conflicts whiles understanding creates peace. We as Muslims feel like it is our duty to spread the message of Islam, so people can know more about our principles and values and teachings of Islam. By having this event, not only did we spread the message of Ramada amongst the streets of Oslo, but we also increased people’s knowledge about Islam in general.

What is Ramadan?

Ramadan is the ninth month in the Islamic calendar. In this month Muslims fast from sunrise till sunset. This month is also known for being one of the most holies months, with blessings and forgiveness.

Why do you fast?

The benefits of fasting are many, but it can be divided into three main parts. This article will go in depth of these parts:

Physical healing: Fasting cleanses the body itself. In September 1996 Life magazine called fasting “the revolution of healing”, in addition to that, it is worth mentioning that Dr. Otto Buchinger, a well known fasting therapist in Germany, after producing more than 100,000 fasting cures states: “Fasting is arguably the most effective biological method of treatment … it is an operation without surgery.” Dr. Joel Fuhrman states in ‘Fasting and eating for health’ “Fasting has been repeatedly observed to reduce neurosis, anxiety and depression. Prophet Muhammad {pbuh & hf} has been quoted when saying, “Fast and you will be healthy.” Another fun fact is that the three fathers of western medicine (Hippocrates, Galen, Paracelsus) prescribed fasting as the best medicine.

Social Healing: Another reason to fast is social healing. Fasting allows the rich to feel the pain of hunger and thirst, which the poor experience on a daily basic. Every second a person dies due to hunger, thirst or diseases and unfortunately the media does not cover these bases as often as they should. While these issues are happening all around the world, we have rich countries like the United States where people are struggling with obesity and disease that comes from overeating. When the society tastes the feeling of hunger and thirsts as the poor do every day, they will automatically start helping the poor and become more merciful. A fasting Muslim is obligated to spend money on feed the poor; this action is called “Zakat al Fitr”. The last days of Ramadan is known as Eid al Fitr, these holy days (3 days) after Ramadan is when Muslims celebrate for receiving the blessing of Ramadan and its benefits.

Spiritual healing: This is the main reason for fasting. The reasons mentioned above are secondary benefits, while this is the main reason. Yes, fasting is healthy, however the truth is that everyone, healthy, rich and poor people must fast, because everyone needs a spiritual healing. When Muslims are fasting, they are not only fasting to avoid bad actions and sins, but also from what is essential for us, like eating and drinking. The challenge to stay away from what is ordinary and normally things for us, gives us strength, patience, self-control to avoid doing things that are harmful for us. Included poisoning both body and soul (sins, bad thoughts, bad intentions and bad actions). In other words, when I manage to avoid legitimate, important, essential and necessary things for a month, I should easily be able to stay away from illegal, harmful, unnecessary and bad actions (including poisoning and haram (unlawful) food and drink). The month of Ramadan, it is therefore the time to close our physical mouths and open our spiritual mouths; it is the time when one grows into a beautiful and honorable being. One becomes more reflective, satisfied with what one has, patient, punctual, compassionate, one who is not concerned about his ego but care and put others before themselves, irrespective of religion, race and culture. A man who brings peace and harmony for others and is opposed to conflict. To become the perfect human being is the main goal of Ramadan and Islam.