FAQ – Frequent Asked Questions

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions


Who are we?

Stand4Hussain is a voluntary organization established by a group of youths in Norway. Our goal is to spread the story of the battle of Karbalaa.

Why do we share out hot drinks to passers?

Hussain, his family and friends were blocked from all wells in three days. It has therefore become a tradition to quench the thirst of Hussain visitors on the fortieth day after Ashura. Since that day occurs during winter these years, we have chosen to share something out that both quenches thirst and cold.

Who is Hussain?

A hero, a martyr, a role model. The Prophet of Islam’s grandson, the son of Ali and Fatima Al-Zahra.

Why is Hussain history relevant to the rest of the world?

Hussain story is it reminds us of the importance of standing up against injustice and tyranny. In all countries, for every nation and race, at all time – give Hussain story inspiration and encouragement to people. By The story becomes aware of oppression, you take action, to stand up against injustice. Is Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King’s stories only relevant for Hindus and Christians?

What was Hussain’s motivation?

With his own words, he reasoned his actions by attributing them with a desire to reform a nation – To encourage community to kindness, and to stand up against falsehood and injustice.

What does the death of a man in the desert 1400 years ago something for me?

Hussain’s stand against the forces of Yazid is timeless, because in every generation there exists oppressors and oppressed. A study of his life and example will inspire and remind a person about the need to get involved in a stand against oppression wherever it exists.

Was the whole affair only a Muslim civil war?

The rulers of the time tried to dismiss Hussain stand as an unsuccessful attempt by a rebel to gain power for themselves and they began a systematic and persistent propaganda campaign to spread this message. This was just a ploy to mask unpleasant truths were evident because of the way they murdered him and his small group of buddies and family. Explaining their callous behavior they created the myth that Hussain’s real reason to make a stand was that he sought to become the Caliph himself.

The best way to measure success and failure is to look through it with future long lens. Yazid ruled only three years, and today he is a despised and reviled figure. History shows that the true victor was undoubtedly Hussain, who will always be remembered for his stand for justice and truth. The Danish philosopher Søren Kirkegaard once said: “The tyrant dies and his rule is over, the martyr dies and his rule begins.”